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Hi there! We are Daniel Scrivner (ACD/HoD at Apple, Square, Tiny, and now ClassDojo) and Dan Becker (Design Director at Airbnb, Instagram, Strava, and now Google). We enjoy supporting ambitious founders and have been co-investing together as angels for over seven years.

We write $50k-$500k checks into early-stage startups and make decisions quickly. To date, we’ve invested $10M+ into over 50 startups.

When we invest, we become an extension of your product and design team. We lead creative reviews, help build your design team, and supercharge your go-to-market work—typically by working with your team monthly.

We’re backed by 150+ world-class founders, operators, and investors. They help support and evangelize our companies too.

If you're raising capital. send us a Brieflink or your deck, memo, best of all a working demo. You can reach us at

Our companies.


Founder testimonials.

Ligature is a fantastic example of the kind of investor that everyone says they are and very few actually are. They truly care about our business and invest the time to understand it deeply enough to actually provide helpful direction. Their depth of knowledge about our business have made them invaluable contributors, who offer a distant-enough-to-be-objective yet intimate-enough-to-be-relevant perspective.
Lopa van der Mersch
Founder of Rasa
Ligature have been the perfect example of value-add investors. They've spent hours with us working on our design strategy, diagnosing areas of improvement, and making high-impact introductions on our behalf. With their powerful mix of deep design expertise and company-building experience, I recommend Ligature to every founder I know raising capital.
Quinn Litherland
Founder & CEO of Authentic
Ziina's mission is to bring the next generation of financial services to MENA through world-class design principles. Ligature has shown us how to make this a reality. Their advice flows from a 30,000-foot design strategy down to nuanced discussions around a pragmatic approach to iconography. If you're design-focused, bring them in early to set the foundations.
Faisal Toukan
Founder & CEO of Ziina
Working with Ligature has been a fantastic and inspiring experience. They always bring brilliant and actionable insights that help us take our products to the next level. If you aspire to build world-class products, Ligature can provide the mentorship and expertise to get there.
Anton Badashov
Head of Design at Ziina
When Peggy was about to launch, Ligature brought forward the ultimate unlock!  They connected us with the very first Product Hunt user and got them to 'Hunt' Peggy. As a result, Peggy reached tens of thousands of people and reached the #1 spot on Product Hunt.  Investors often promise 'value add,' you can't get much more tangible than that.
Craig Follet
Founder & CEO of Peggy

150+ operator LPs.

Alex Schleifer
Design at Airbnb

Chris Messina
Product at Republic

Lauren Myrick
Founder at Found

Shalin Amin
Design at Cloud Kitchens

Jason Marder
Design at Stripe

Tiffany Chu
Founder at Remix

Jason Goldberg
Design at Standard Bots

Michael White
Founder at Multiply

Stacy La
Recruiter at Wert&Co

Lon McGowan
Founder at Canard

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